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Tuesday - Sunday: 13:00 – 23:00
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IMMERSED, Nick Nikolaou’s photo exhibition

The male figure enters Nick Nikolaou’s aquatic playground. When alone, the male figure is often captured in moments of agony and struggle, whereas once he encounters the female form, tension goes away and the sense of drama is replaced with an aura of tranquility. Nick Nikolaou’s work depicts ethereal creatures, emerging from the secret depths of underwater caves to indulge in ancient rituals. The viewer distances himself from the ordinary and the mundane as he gazes upon transcendent figurative scenes of god-like men and nymph-like women who are in perfect harmony with each other as well as with the aquatic environment surrounding them. The viewers immerse themselves in a world as lucid and magical as the world of fantasies and dreams, and ultimately as fluid and mysterious as his own subconscious. A prolific underwater photographer, Nick Nikolaou completed his studies in fashion photography in London College of Fashion (U.A.L). For many years, he collaborated with famous fashion designers and stylists, in fashion magazines and in the advertising industry. His work “Aquatic Dreams” has been presented both in Greece and abroad (“Aquatic Dreams”, Thisseion Lofts - Athens, “Into the Blue” Posidonia 2016, The Blender Gallery - Athens and “Liminalities”, Riflemaker Gallery - London). The ‘’Immersed’’ exhibition was hosted at the Riflemaker Gallery.

Duration: 12/2 - 31/3 Curation: Max Stergiou